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Geeveston 87.6 FM - ON AIR


Tips For Getting Good Reception

Pulse FM operates several FM Transmitters around Kingborough and the Huon Valley. Each transmitter covers an area of around 5 kilometers on a portable radio, and up to 30 kilometers on a car radio.


If you live in the Kingborough and Huon region, there is a chance you may be able to pick up Pulse FM's signal via a standard FM radio.


If you have a fixed radio in your household such as an AV Receiver or Hifi Stereo System that has an FM antenna input, you are able to plug in an external antenna to receive clearer stereo reception. You can try using a long piece of wire strung around an indoor or outdoor structure, or you can purchase a dedicated FM antenna that can be installed in a fixed position on your roof. External FM Antennas range in price anywhere from $20 to $200.


Consult with your local tv antenna specialist for options and quotes. Alternatively, you can call Pulse FM on 6288 8441 or email us at pulsefmtas@jnethub.com and we can help you out.